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Recent Market Volatility

Written by: Jim Kantowski, CFP®, CPA


After a period of relative calm in the stock market, investors have experienced increased volatility in recent weeks. While market volatility can create anxiety for some, reacting emotionally and changing long-term investment strategies in response to short-term declines could prove more harmful than helpful. Watch this short video to dive a little deeper in to what we can expect and why it’s important to stay disciplined.


Nine Experts, Four Surprises, and One Million Dollar Bet

Written by: Jim Kantowski, CFP®, CPA

In 2017, we were again reminded of the importance of following an investment approach based on discipline and diversification vs. prediction and timing. As we gear up for the new year, we can look at several examples during 2017 that provide perspective on what guidance investors may want to follow, or not follow, in order to achieve the long-term return the capital markets offer.

Fourth Quarter Market Review 2017

Written by: Jim Kantowski, CFP®, CPA

In 2017, the US market reached record highs and stocks in the majority of developed and emerging market countries delivered above-average-returns. 

To Bit or Not to Bit: What Should Investors Make of Bitcoin Mania?

Written by: Samantha Winogrond, CPA

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are receiving intense media coverage, prompting many investors to wonder whether these new types of electronic money deserve a place in their portfolios.

Third Quarter Market Review 2017

Written by: Jim Kantowski, CFP®, CPA


Press Release:  JSK Financial announces new location in Asheville, NC

Written by: JSK Financial


Asheville, NC July 25, 2017– JSK Financial, a boutique financial advisory firm, is pleased to announce the opening of their new location in Asheville, NC.  The new office is located at 60 N. Market Street, C200, Asheville, NC.  The office will provide financial planning, portfolio management, and tax services. 

Second Quarter Market Review 2017

Written by: Jim Kantowski, CFP®, CPA


As stock markets continue to reach new highs, we are often asked questions like “Is it time to sell?” and “Should we wait to invest cash until the market goes backward?” 

JSK's expansion: We now have an Investment Advisor in Asheville NC

Written by: JSK Financial


We are proud to announce that JSK Financial has expanded! We are now offering financial services in Asheville NC with Samantha Winogrond as our newest Advisor. Samantha is a CPA and has been providing tax advice supporting our clients in the MD office and nationwide. With the firm and her registration as an Investment Advisor in Asheville NC official, we are very excited to be able to work with clients in NC!

The Cost of Long Term Care Insurance

Written by: Jim Kantowski, CFP®, CPA


Buying insurance is not a fun way to spend your money and no one enjoys making this purchase. It is often sold for the wrong reasons by “financial advisors” that are looking to make a sale. For these reasons, you should be cautious when taking advice.

Wrapping up Tax Season & Q1 Market Review

Written by: Jim Kantowski, CFP®, CPA


As we wrap up tax season and Q1 comes to a close, we are reminded how important tax planning is to an overall financial plan.

Making the most effective retirement contributions, investing in tax efficient portfolios, distributing assets in a way that minimizes taxes, and taking advantage of current tax code can increase the overall return of your portfolio by minimizing the cost of tax.

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